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How Did Yacon Become So Popular in Canada?

At first glance, the yacon plant looks like any other plant.yacon market 300x225 How Did Yacon Become So Popular in Canada?

But it doesn’t take long to realize that this plant is special. The yacon plant is special for its roots, its leaves, and its sap. And that’s why Canadians have fallen in love with this special plant.

Yacon roots can be used to create yacon syrup. Yacon syrup is packed with powerful ingredients that have been scientifically linked to a number of important benefits, including:

-Weight loss

-Reduced LDL cholesterol

-Healthier blood glucose levels

-Anti-cancer properties

-And more!

Yacon syrup is particularly popular among those who are overweight or diabetic. Diabetics love yacon syrup because it has a glycemic index of just 1, despite having a similar sweetness to honey.

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Meanwhile, those who are overweight like taking yacon syrup because it has been linked to powerful weight loss results. In multiple scientific studies, adding yacon syrup to a woman’s diet was shown to lead to weight loss – even when the woman’s diet and exercise routine remained unchanged.

Why is yacon syrup so popular in Canada? We’ve boiled it down to three main reasons

1) Appearance on the Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Oz heard about yacon syrup and wanted to test its weight loss effects. So he gathered a group of 60 women and told them to consume one teaspoon of yacon syrup with breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a four week period.

doctor oz yacon How Did Yacon Become So Popular in Canada?The women were told not to change their existing diet or exercise habits.

By the end of the four week period, 40 women had successfully completed the test. Of those 40 women:

-29 women (73%) lost weight

-14 women lost more than five pounds

-Average weight loss was 2.9 pounds and the average reduction in waist size was 1.9 inches

Remember, these results occurred with no changes to a diet or exercise routine. Imagine how powerful the effects could be with a healthy diet and exercise routine!!

The Dr. Oz Show is on every day on CTV at 5PM eastern time. Hundreds of thousands of Canadian viewers tune into the show every week. When Dr. Oz revealed the results of his study, we understandably got excited.

2) We prefer natural weight loss over artificial diet pills

Let’s face it: Americans love an easy solution. That’s why the diet pill industry is a billion dollar industry in the States.

In Canada, we have strict food regulations, and these regulations ban many diet pills and other scam products from our country. That’s a good thing.

Yacon syrup is not a diet pill. It’s an organic, natural product extracted from the root of a plant that grows indigenously in South America.

So when a diet product like yacon is openly sold in Canada, it shows that it’s legal and legitimate.

Yes, some Canadians take diet pills. These people are often forced to order these pills online from shady retailers. Would you really want to swallow one of those pills every day? Probably not.

You can order yacon syrup from health food stores across the country and legitimate online retailers. Canadians appreciate that.

Yacon syrup can be added to many different food recipes. You can pour it over ice cream for a sweet dessert. Or, you can use it to glaze a chicken. It’s natural, healthy, and most importantly: effective.

3) Enjoy sweetness without spiking blood glucose

Yacon syrup is prized for its weight loss benefits. But it also helps your body in a number of other ways.yacon diet 300x156 How Did Yacon Become So Popular in Canada?

It’s particularly popular with diabetics, for example, due to its perfect sweetness level and low glycemic index.

You see, the active ingredient in yacon is called fructooligosaccharides (FOS). These bizarre-sounding compounds are a type of sugar. Your intestines do not recognize FOS but your tongue does. That means you get all of the sweetness of sugar with none of the calories.

The Canadian Diabetes Association recommends using ‘nutritive’ (i.e. natural) sweeteners over artificial sweeteners, making yacon syrup a popular choice for diabetics.

Consuming regular sugar causes your blood glucose levels to spike. Your body absorbs the sugar and deploys insulin to combat it. Yacon syrup’s two main ingredients are fructooligosaccharides and inulin, both of which pass through the body without spiking blood glucose levels.

Want to add sweetness to your diet while managing blood glucose? Yacon syrup is perfect for that.

4) Lower levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol

Millions of Canadians have unhealthy cholesterol levels. It’s tough to avoid – especially as you get older.

But yacon syrup is one method Canadians are using to lower their bad cholesterol levels.

In a 2009 study, yacon syrup was shown to reduce levels of Low-density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. LDL is the bad kind of cholesterol. Sometimes, you get high LDL cholesterol from a poor diet; in other cases, it’s simply genetics.

Canadians with high cholesterol are at risk of heart attacks, strokes, and other serious problems. Yacon has been scientifically proven to reduce LDL cholesterol levels, which has the power to change someone’s life.

5) And more benefits!

Why take five different health supplements when you can take only one?

Yacon syrup has been linked to weight loss, lower cholesterol, and healthier blood glucose levels. But it’s also been connected to other benefits.

-A 2010 study on yacon showed that yacon “potentially reduced the promotion and progression of chemically-induced mammary carcinogenesis” in rats, which means that yacon could potentially reduce the risk of breast cancer in women

-Yacon syrup is high in fiber, which can help cure constipation. In one 2008 study, yacon syrup was shown to reduce digestive time from 60 hours to 40 hours.

-Medical doctors are starting to support yacon for all of the benefits listed above, as seen here.

Even if you ignore all of these other benefits, some Canadians enjoy yacon simply because it tastes good! It’s slightly less sweet than honey and can be used in desserts, breakfasts, salads, and savory dinners.

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New Studies Suggest Diet Drinks Are Actually Bad for Weight Loss

More and more research is being done on the effectiveness of diet drinks and artificial sweeteners.

Unfortunately for Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi, very few of these studies support diet products. Most studies paint these products in a dangerous, negative light.diet drinks weight gain 300x199 New Studies Suggest Diet Drinks Are Actually Bad for Weight Loss

Today, I’m going to share the results of one recent study with you. This study – performed by Johns Hopkins researchers – shows that people who want to lose weight should avoid drinking diet pops and diet sodas. You can view the study here, but I’m going to sum up the main points below:

-Diet drinks don’t contain calories, but the majority of people who drink diet drinks make up for those lost calories with more food

-People who drank diet drinks consumed more food during meals and snacks than those who didn’t consume diet drinks

-Overweight adults who drank diet products consumed 88 more calories on average than overweight adults who didn’t drink diet drinks, while obese people consumed 194 calories

-“Regular consumption of these artificial sweeteners alters the reward a person experiences from sweet tastes and disrupts appetite control.”

Basically, it seems that those who consume diet drinks feel like they can eat more during mealtimes. That’s a bad policy for weight loss.

The study looked at National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey data collected between 1999 and 2010. That data included “all of the food and beverages” that 23,965 adults had consumed in the previous 24 hours.

Who drinks diet drinks?

Diet drinks are obviously very popular. But how many people actually drink them on a regular basis? The study indicates that:diet drinks weight loss 300x200 New Studies Suggest Diet Drinks Are Actually Bad for Weight Loss

-11% of healthy weight adults drink diet drinks

-19% of overweight and 22% of obese people drink diet drinks

If diet drinks were an effective weight loss method, you would think we’d see the trend moving the other way: more healthy people would drink diet drinks and fewer fat people. That’s not the case.

Alternative sweeteners

Diet products contain chemicals like aspartame. We don’t yet know what aspartame does to the body  long-term.

However, aspartame isn’t the only alternative sweetener out there. There are plenty of other good ways to sweeten your drinks. Instead of relying on artificial chemicals, many recommend switching to natural sweeteners.

pure yacon syrup plus New Studies Suggest Diet Drinks Are Actually Bad for Weight Loss

Nature has plenty of good natural sweeteners. At YaconSyrupReview.ca, we obviously recommend using yacon syrup, which has a glycemic index of just 1 despite being as sweet as maple syrup. It’s extracted from a plant that grows naturally in South America, so there’s no artificial ingredients required. You can buy the extracted, purified form of yacon syrup from here.

Other good natural sweeteners include:

-Honeybest natural sweeteners New Studies Suggest Diet Drinks Are Actually Bad for Weight Loss

-Coconut sugar


-Maple syrup

When buying natural sweeteners, avoid brands that sound pharmaceutical. “Xylitol”, “Aspartame”, and “Splenda/Sucralose”. New research has also shown that agave nectar is really bad for you because it contains more fructose than actual sugar – which is what you’re trying to replace!

Ultimately, researchers concluded by stating that “More research is needed to identify and promote concrete behavioral targets. This isn’t a definitive statement against the use of diet drinks, but it does explain why some people tend to gain weight when drinking diet products instead of experiencing weight loss.

5 Simple Reasons Why Vegetarians Tend to Live Longer

Are you a vegetarian? Yacon syrup is very popular among Canadians, but it has a particularly strong following among vegetarians and vegans.

As a raw, natural plant, yacon is both vegetarian-safe and vegan-safe.

Over the past decade, scientists have studied the rising trend of vegetarianism. Their results have been widely supportive of animal-product-free diets. Today, I’m going to give you 5 simple reasons why today’s vegetarians are living longer than ever before:

1) 12% lower risk of deathvegetarians live longer 300x197 5 Simple Reasons Why Vegetarians Tend to Live Longer

Next time you need ammunition in an argument for vegetarianism, talk about this 2013 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

That study involved 73,000 (!!) vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Over a six year period, there were 2,570 deaths in that group. Vegetarians died at a rate of 0.88 deaths per every one non-vegetarian death. In other words, vegetarians were 12% less likely to die over an average six year period than their meat-eating counterparts.

2) Vegetarians usually have other healthy habits

vegetable diet 300x256 5 Simple Reasons Why Vegetarians Tend to Live LongerAnother important finding of the above study was that vegetarians are smarter and healthier than their non-vegetarian counterparts. Seriously!

That study found that vegetarians “tended to be older, more highly educated and more likely to be married, to drink less alcohol, to smoke less, to exercise more and to be thinner.”

There are two reasons for this: being a vegetarian encourages you to make other smart lifestyle choices. Or, being smart and healthy encourages you to become a vegetarian.

No matter which way you look at it, smoking less, drinking less, and exercising more are all going to lead to a longer lifespan.

3) Reduced risk of cancer and heart disease

Cancer and heart disease are the number one and number two deadliest killers in just about every developed country in the world. Vegetarianism has been linked to a reduce risk of both of these deadly diseases.low blood pressure 300x173 5 Simple Reasons Why Vegetarians Tend to Live Longer

In one landmark study, researchers at Loma Linda University in California discovered that vegetarians tend to have better protection against cancer formation. Meanwhile, virtually every study performed on the link between heart disease and vegetarianism has come out in favor of vegetarianism. That may have something to do with our next benefit.

4) Lower blood pressure

Vegetarians tend to have lower blood pressure than standard dietary groups. In fact, when doctors identify high blood pressure in a patient, they often recommend switching to a vegetarian diet. You’ve probably heard someone say they need to stop eating red meat, right? That’s directly linked to higher blood pressure.

5) Reduced likelihood of obesity and diabetes

Being fat isn’t healthy – no matter what fat people tell you. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) affects your body’s metabolic system and your likelihood of contracting diabetes.

vegetarians obesity 300x168 5 Simple Reasons Why Vegetarians Tend to Live Longer

Numerous studies have shown that vegetarians have a lower risk for developing diabetes. Vegetarianism won’t cure your diabetes, nor will it singlehandedly prevent you from being fat.

However, if you maintain a vegetarian diet for a long period of time, you have a reduced likelihood of developing obesity and diabetes.

For all of the above reasons, vegetarianism is one of the most popular diet trends out there today. Vegetarians have never faced a more diverse range of meal options. It’s not a fad diet and there are all sorts of health benefits to enjoy. So what are you waiting for?

4 Important Things to Remember About Fad Diets

control food cravings 4 Important Things to Remember About Fad Diets

Fad diets are diets that offer short-term weight loss but not long-term results.

They’re great if you want to drop weight for a single event – like a bodybuilding competition – but not so good if you want to keep that weight off for more than a few days.

Fad diets come in all different varieties. Some fad diets involve eating 50 bananas per day, while others involve eating no food at all.

Today, we’re going to help you understand why fad diets can be dangerous. Here are 5 important things to remember about fad dieting:

4) Some of them are absolutely insane

A lot of fad diets start with good intentions. They may focus on one food group that has a certain weight loss value, for example.

Other fad diets, however, are totally crazy. Here are some fad diets that have risen and fallen over the last few decades:

-Tapeworm Diet: Swallow a tapeworm and let that creature absorb the food you eat. Tapeworms can grow to be 30 feet or more in length, and having something like that inside your body is never a good idea.

-The Air Diet: The Air Diet is a bad idea from the very start. It involves eating air – sort of. Instead of eating food like a normal person, you pretend to eat food by sitting down at a dinner table and shoveling food back and forth to your mouth. But instead of swallowing that food, you just pick it up and put it back down. Over and over again. It’s exactly as dumb and ineffective as it sounds.

eat stapling diet 4 Important Things to Remember About Fad Diets

-Eat Stapling Diet: The Ear Stapling fad diet is obviously only for those who are EXTREMELY HARDCORE about their weight loss goals. So hardcore, in fact, that they are willing to mutilate their bodies. The Ear Stapling fad referenced Chinese acupuncture techniques and somehow connected that to ear stapling, which is mysteriously linked to wanting to eat less food. Hey, if that makes sense to you, then find the nearest stapler and get to work.

3) They don’t work long-term

Most people agree that the definition of a fad diet is a food plan that may work on a short-term basis, but the results do not last long-term.

Fasting diets are a great example of short-term results and long-term failure. If you stop eating or reduce your calorie totals, then you’re inevitably going to lose weight in the short-term. But over the long-term, you’re likely going to gain all of that weight back when you start eating again.

That’s good news if you’re trying to look good in a bikini for a weekend vacation to Mexico. But it’s bad news if you like being healthy and fit over a longer period of time. Not to mention, of course, that starving yourself is never fun.

fad diets 4 Important Things to Remember About Fad Diets

2) Medicine and nutrition aren’t perfect sciences

When you talk to a doctor about a certain ailment, that doctor isn’t telling you the divine truth about your condition. Instead, he’s giving you a diagnosis based on experience, research, and analysis.

This system isn’t perfect. There are always going to be misdiagnoses.

What does that mean for fad diets? It means that even if doctors support a diet right now, they won’t necessarily support that diet till the end of time. What we know about our bodies, medicine, and nutrition is constantly changing.

This gives you two important pieces of information: it means you should choose a diet that works for your unique body, and it means that you should stay up-to-date on the latest diet rends.

fad diet science 4 Important Things to Remember About Fad Diets

1) Few of them have verified scientific results

A lot of fad diets are designed around a specific weight loss product. They may be promoted by a pharmaceutical company as “the hot new weight loss tool of 2014”. The only tool in this situation is you for believing that company’s marketing!

Don’t take ANYTHING at face value online – especially diet information. Always look for independent scientific studies published in peer-reviewed journals. If you can’t find any such studies in support of a certain diet, then you need to find a new diet.

yacon syrup diet 1 4 Important Things to Remember About Fad Diets

Could yacon be a fad diet?

At first glance, you might think yacon is a fad diet. However, you’d most likely be wrong. Here are some reasons why I don’t think yacon is a fad diet:

-Humans have used yacon for thousands of years dating back to pre-Inca civilizations in South America (longest fad diet ever?)

-Yacon is backed up by real scientific evidence and peer-reviewed sources

-It’s a natural and organic health supplement

-It doesn’t force you to eat one type of food or restrict another type

-The “yacon diet” does not restrict your diet or exercise routine; it simply recommends eating one teaspoon of yacon syrup before every meal

I don’t believe that yacon syrup is a fad diet trend. However, like other diet supplements, it has suddenly become popular in 2014, which is why some might mistake it for a fad diet.

What do you think? Is it just a fad or is it here to stay? Leave a comment below!

Does Yacon Syrup Work?

Every month, thousands of people Google the term listed above. It’s a popular term because, let’s face it: a lot of people want to know if yacon syrup lives up to the hype.

So does yacon syrup actually work? Does it live up to the hype? Can you actually use it to achieve your weight loss goals without diet or exercise?


yacon diet Does Yacon Syrup Work?

Why it works

Today, I’m going to explain a few reasons why yacon syrup works and how it can help virtually anyone lose weight.

It has real scientific support from peer-reviewed sources: Yacon syrup has not been extensively studied. However, most studies performed thus far have been largely positive in support of yacon syrup.

You can cook with it: Yacon syrup is a natural sweetener. You can add it to smoothies or use it as a molasses substitute when baking. This makes it easy to add to any diet.

It has been shown to encourage weight loss without changing diet or exercise: One of the most popular yacon studies in the world involved a group of female participants who were told to take yacon over a 30 day period. The women were told not to change their diet or exercise routines, and in spite of those instructions, the majority (73%) of the women lost weight.

You can take yacon in many different forms: Yacon comes in all different varieties. There are yacon diet pills, for example, as well as yacon plant tea, yacon root extract, and yacon syrup.

we love yacon syrup Does Yacon Syrup Work?

Why yacon syrup works for weight loss

If you’re reading this page, then you probably want to learn more about the weight loss benefits of yacon.

Yacon syrup is an effective weight loss aid. A number of scientific studies have shown that increased syrup consumption is connected to increased weight loss. Adding a moderate amount of yacon syrup (say, three teaspoons per day) to one’s diet is likely to lead to weight loss.

Here’s why yacon syrup is connected to weight loss:

Boosts metabolism: It increases your metabolism, which means your body can more easily digest food

50% Fructooligosaccharides: Fructooligosaccharides, better known as FOS, are the active ingredient in yacon syrup. They taste sweet on your tongue without raising your blood sugar. More importantly, they activate key enzymes in your digestive system that help you process food more efficiently. 50% of yacon syrup is made of FOS.

Inulin: Inulin is the other key ingredient in yacon syrup. Inulin, like FOS, is not absorbed by the stomach and goes straight to your intestines. That sounds gross, but it’s good! Inulin promotes the growth of a special kind of bacteria associated with better health and improved bowel functions.

The three things listed above lead to all the major benefits of yacon syrup, including weight loss, lower blood sugar, regular blood glucose levels, and reduced waist circumference.

Yacon syrup won’t help you drop more than a pound per day. It won’t give you bigger muscles or make you smarter.

However, what it will do is complement an existing diet and exercise routine and encourage healthy, natural weight loss. Instead of flooding your body with chemicals, yacon naturally boosts your metabolism. It also acts as a natural sweetener.

inulin fos digestive track Does Yacon Syrup Work?

Disadvantages of yacon syrup

Yacon syrup has powerful health benefits. However, there are some negative things to remember about pure yacon syrup:

-It can be expensive

-Difficult to find (recent surge in demand has caused shortages around the world)

-Not all yacon syrup is pure and organic

-There are plenty of low-quality yacon sellers found online (avoid eBay!)

I recommend buying the purified, extracted form of yacon with Pure Yacon Syrup Plus. It’s a diet pill – but don’t let that fool you. This diet pill actually works. Pure Yacon Syrup Plus is simply the purified, extracted form of yacon syrup. All the benefits have been concentrated into a single easy-to-take capsule. Best of all, it’s way more affordable than regular syrup.

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4 Reasons Why Diet Pills Aren’t Always Bad

I don’t know about you, but when I think of diet pills, I think of chubby Americans lounging on their couch, eating all day, and swallowing a diet pill in an effort to lose weight.

Yes, I know that sounds awful and it is definitely inaccurate, but that’s just what I think of!

Let’s face it: many Canadians see diet pills as an easy solution. And when you’re trying to lose weight, there aren’t too many easy solutions

Not all diet pills are bad. I would say about 95% of diet pill manufacturers are trying to scam you. The remaining 5%, however, are legitimate health and fitness companies trying to make a buck and help people achieve their goals at the same time.

Here are 4 reasons why diet pills aren’t always bad:

1) Canada has stricter regulations

In America and other parts of the world, diet pill manufacturers face very few restrictions. The FDA approves some diet pills, while it lets others be sold unapproved for years before they get yanked off shelves. To make matters worse, there are plenty of examples of the FDA being corrupt and “in bed” with drug companies, which makes the entire approval process useless.canada diet pills 300x286 4 Reasons Why Diet Pills Aren’t Always Bad

Canada tends to have stricter regulations. You can’t go into a supermarket and walk down an aisle filled with diet pills, for example. You can learn more about diet pills at the official Canadian government website where Drugs and Drug Policy are discussed.

Basically, diet pills have to adhere to a higher quality standard to be sold in Canada. Diet pill companies that legally ship products have to jump through hoops. That weeds out the bad companies and lets the good ones filter through. In general, diet pills sold in Canada have been tested and approved by at least one major governmental organization.

Are diet pills always safe? No. But diet pills sold in Canada face stricter regulations, which means they’re more likely to be safe.

2) Diet pills can be natural and organic

When some people hear the words “diet pill”, they immediately think of scientists creating some artificial formula in a lab somewhere.

yacon diet pills canada 4 Reasons Why Diet Pills Aren’t Always BadSure, that might be true, but that doesn’t necessarily mean diet pills are artificial formulas created from artificial elements and processed ingredients. Instead, many diet pills contain purified natural ingredients and very little else.

Yacon syrup diet pills are particularly popular in the dieting community. Pills like Pure Yacon Syrup Plus, for example, claim to contain natural ingredients in a purified form. In many cases, that means the yacon root has been purified, ground up, and then placed into a capsule to maximize its ingredient profile.

Instead of eating an entire jar of yacon syrup to gain its benefits, you can take just a single pill a few times per day. There’s no filler: just pure, natural ingredients in a form that’s easy to digest.

3) Good diet pills minimize filler

Like I said above, 95% of diet pills are scam products with filler ingredients. Those filler ingredients could include anything from sugar to caffeine.

Caffeine is one of the most popular filler ingredients used by diet pill companies. Diet pill companies love caffeine because it gives them the ability to put a bunch of cool benefits on their packaging, including:diet pills 295x300 4 Reasons Why Diet Pills Aren’t Always Bad

-Thermogenic properties

-Fat burning

-Extreme weight loss

-Lose weight without diet or exercise

-Metabolism booster

All of these things basically mean the same thing. They’re all benefits of caffeine consumption. Caffeine boosts your metabolism and tells your body to burn fat. Caffeine is actually a phenomenal weight loss aid, but don’t fall for diet pill marketing ploys.

4) Diet pills are affordable and easy to take

One of the hardest parts about diet and exercise is finding the time to a) cook healthy meals and b) go to the gym a lot. Not to mention the price of a gym membership and the ridiculous prices of some organic and natural foods.take diet pills 300x199 4 Reasons Why Diet Pills Aren’t Always Bad

All of these things conspire against those who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

Diet pills solve both of these problems: they’re affordable and ridiculously easy to take. Yacon diet pills, for example, are designed to be eaten with three meals per day. Simply take a pill with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and that’s it’. There are no fancy recipes to cook and you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

Diet pills come with all sorts of valuable benefits. Just because something comes in an encapsulated form and has the word “diet” on its packaging doesn’t mean it’s bad for you!

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